3 Sad Dudes 5 Rad Tunes

by Welfare Queens

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Sloppy stuff so people know what we sound like. Thank you Hannah and Tony for making this possible.

Danny played guitar and sang. Zach played bass and sang less often. Alex played drums. Recorded by us in a basement, bedroom and bathroom.


released May 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Welfare Queens Yakima, Washington

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Track Name: I Knew Who Killed Laura Palmer Before Season Two
Some of us just weren't meant to grow up, or get married, or drive a Mazda, or start a family, or work at the hospital. I want cooler conversations. God is good, but God is sad and God is blue. He's indecisive, I think I am too. And my weak attempts at self-empowerment, I think they ought to be the first clue that I should sleep for a while, or read a book to pass the time. But if I could sleep, I wouldn't have to say this: it's not the first, it's not the last time.
Track Name: ...Or Whatever
She kills herself to pass the time, she's told it isn't right. Her boyfriend's dead but in her head, he won't sleep well tonight. She shops at Urban Outfitters, her friends say she "looks nice." She thanks them for the compliments, but it's understood they're lies.
Track Name: Whoa, Oh?
She's got a smile that can kill, but lately no one's turning up dead. You left a spot no one else should have to fill. You walked away and washed your hands of it. I think that something has to be done. Because I hate everything everything's become. You were out of control and in the wrong. To prove a point, you proved to be worthless. Now one by one, they've all gone, and I bet that you couldn't care less.
Track Name: Olive You
I remember when November came, I remember that's when everything caved in. I remember when December came, I remember that's when everything set in. I always tend to wrong what is right. I don't know what to say, so here's a lie: I get along just fine without you. That was then and this now, but now and again I think of when that was then.
Track Name: They Say A Cluttered Room Is A Cluttered Mind, But This Is Just Disgusting
I've heard "silence is golden" and "actions speak louder than words". If that's the case, then why am I sitting here sad, bored, and broke too? We talk so much it's killing me and I just don't know what to do.